One of Two Temp Probes not showing up

Hi, I am having a strange issue where only one of my two temperature probes is showing up in emonESP, and therefore only one shows up in emonCMS.
My setup is emonTXv4 (wifi version) with 3 CTs and 2 Temp Probes connected to the emonTXv4 via the green plug-in terminals (not via the RJ45 port).
All CTs and probes are connected and then I power up the emonTXv4. Only T1 shows in emonESP. I have done a hard reset (remove power), swapped probes with other known functioning probes, and tried all three ports and still only T1 shows up. I have tried this on 2 different emonTXv4s and only T1 shows up.

Not sure what to do next to get the T2 probe to show up.

OK - I started over again. I unplugged the power and unplugged both temperature probes. Then plugged the probes back in, reapplied power, and now both are showing up.
It seems like it gets confused if it only senses one probe initially, then no amount of plugging and unplugging of the second probe (with and without power) makes a difference.
Not sure why this happened, but I have now got my probes working on both emonTXv4s.

As a general rule, you always need to restart the emonTx - and for that matter the front end of the emonPi (which implies all of the emonPi) - when you change the hardware.

This because the hardware detection only takes place at startup. (It’s all in the FAQ.)

Understood and I saw in the FAQ that the device must be powered off and on, but, the only device I have is the emonTXv4 there is no other device to power down and power back up.

For some reason, the only way to clear the issue was to remove both probes, power off, plug in both probes again, and power on. I’m not sure why only one probe showed the first time (and this happened with both Txv4s). Powering off and on with both probes left connected did not work as it was stuck only seeing T1.

The only rationale I can come up with is the temperature probes were not seated all the way in.



This has to be the reason. It’s a simple case of the software interrogates all the temperature sensors and works out from the responses how many and what their serial numbers are. With that knowledge, they can be addressed individually and the temperatures read.