OLED screen

So, looks like my screen has failed on my OpenEVSE.

The picture doesn’t really show it perfect, but the blotch you see in the lower left corner extends across the whole screen. So, looks like I need to replace it. In digging around I see the Winstar WH1602B2 display is used. I see they also make an OLED version of that display. I guess what I wonder if has it ever been looked into or would it even be compatible to use the OLED display over the LCD one? That would certainly help with low temperature refresh issues.

The two OLED displays I saw on Winstars site were


Anyone on this for OLED?

Hi Ryan,

The OpenEVSE LCD in your unit has a temperature sensor and real-time-clock with coin cell battery backup on the same PCB, so I’m afraid the only option is to replace it with an official OpenEVSE LCD

If you do choose to order, please leave a comment let us know when your kit was purchases, so we can ensure the correct connector cable and PCB version. You will need LCD V2

I was figuring I would need to order it. I was wondering if it had been looked at to “upgrade” the display to the OLED type.

It’s not something we’ve considered, it’s a good point regarding low temperature operation. I’ll discuss the option with the OpenEVSE team. Thanks

Let me know what you guys decide. I took a look at the pinouts between the two and they are slightly different, but I think with a little bit of coding modifications it could be easily done. Dimensions look to be the same and one of the ones I put up there looks like you could even have characters (emonji?) added for some fun if wanted.

I like it.

One thing to think about with oled in this application though is screen burn. LCD does not suffer it and in this application, where there is static text shown for long periods, the oled will start to suffer fairly quickly. There’s no denying that fresh out of the box, oleds look so much better, but if within a year they start showing signs of burn in, they look rubbish.
If you did want to explore oled though, my tests showed blue and white have the worst burn effect, red and green were not as bad.

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I was wondering/thinking about that. I wondered if maybe a periodic refresh for the screen might work to prevent that. Maybe even have it cycle through colors on a time based thing.

Refreshing it doesn’t help matters - the burn in effect on oled is the organic pixels becoming less luminous - the longer they run for the dimmer they get.
The best way to maximize screen life is to move the menu periodically so that all pixels degrade at the same rate.
If you use a multi colour oled, you basically have 3 lots of the same problem, so flipping colours would make it last 3 times longer…
I’ll see if I can dig out some of my photographs from the accelerated life testing I did when I was looking to build an oled display into an embedded product I was working on in work. We decided that we could get about 4 years life out of a single colour display with the optimisation mentioned above - not good enough for a 15 year+ design life product.

Thanks for your comment, lifespan is very important, the EVSE needs to be able to display the same info potentially for decades.

Did you replace the screen? I have the same issue. displace is not readable at all. I’m wondering if I could replace only screen without replacing the realtime clock and temperature detector

Sorry, totally missed your reply. I did not. Power cycling the unit actually fixed it. Did you try that yet?