Old TX3.2 oct 2013

I have a system the tx3’s date back to 2013. I have a news version of the Emon software running on a Pi.
I am not at all good with Arduino etc. In the past I have with a lot of help from Robert Wall been able to update one tx 3.2 to run the CM firmware using Arduino and a lot of help. And also to connect that tx3.2 by wifi. I have recently connected the other tx3.2 running old firmware to the Pi via usb and updated emoncms to make that work. The software now shows both tx3’s and offers me the option to update them.
Question is, bearing in mind that they are old can I do this?
my memory of what I did via Arduino is sketchy to say the least!!

It is potentially offering you the option to update them (not telling you, you should update them). I suggest you don’t if they are working fine.

Thanks Brian. I would like the second old tx3 to run CM like the other one does.

Your old thread is here:

I think if you follow that (but without downloading anything - you should have all the correct files on your Mac still) then apart from changing the NodeID in the sketch to something different, and if you’re going to use the radio, making a matching - the same as your running V3.2 - entry in your empnPi’s emonhub.conf (Setup → Emonhub → Edit config) but change the Node (something like [[15]]) to the number you gave the sketch, it should work.

Yes thanks Robert. I am studying the old thread and beginning to unravel.
I am sure we came up with a working Arduino sketch which I think I uploaded to one of these TX3.2’s and then configured the wifi with your help.
Here is screen shoot of inputs:
Screenshot 2023-03-12 at 12.10.41.png

Does this mean it is running CM?

If so then I can update the other tx3 from the Arduino sketch and it should work with usb connection as it has now.
I am just a bit confused as I also updated a newer TX3 which may have had a different sketch.

I really just want to update using the emonpi update facility but will it work?
Once again thanks for yr help!

Not conclusively, but the presence of energy values would suggest it is, because I don’t think the Discrete Sample sketches ever accumulated and reported the energy.

From what I can see in my up-to-date emonPi, the version on offer there will almost certainly not work in your emonTx V3.2.

If you dig deep enough into your Mac, you should find everything you need there.

See above. I am a bit confused when trying to identify current node id’s from Emonhub debug log.
The debug log is I think only showing data coming from the unupdated tx3.2 which is sending rfm2pi data as well as mqtt because it is also connected via usb. I want to make sure that I don’t update with the wrong or the same node id.

I think our last posts crossed. I have I think identified the relevant sketch. here is screenshot of important bits

turn radio off by editing rf to 0
change node to 15 since other tx is 16 I think??
That should do it?

Yes, that’s correct. Sending via Wi-Fi completely bypasses emonHub and goes straight into emonCMS. I don’t know how the MQTT system works as the documentation about how it’s implemented by OEM is at best (unless it’s recently been radically improved) “sketchy”.

You’ll know from looking at the sketch on your Mac. That’s will almost certainly have the NodeID for the one you did back in September still set in the code.

Node 16 is the default value. You could have changed that on-line in the same way as you turned the radio off. But I’d guess it’s likely you didn’t.

OK for the moment I have just changed node to 15 and uploaded.
Data does not make sense!

AH wait a min changed whitening to 0 in lemon hub config like we did before and now making sense!

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Now I would like to turn off radio and supply data to Pi via usb. I have order uart connector. Is that an issue?

Do you mean “older”? No, it shouldn’t be if you can use / did use it for programming. I think the “interfacer” you will need is already in the emonhub config. file, but you might need to change some settings. If not, you will need to add an ‘Interfacer’ in emonHub to handle the serial input. This isn’t an area I know much about, so all I can say is “try it and see” – and if it doesn’t work, we’ll need to get help. Which one you need depends on the format of the data coming from the emonTx. Here’s the list:
And I think it will be either “OEM Interfacer” (the one you should have), “Space separated serial interfacer” or “EmonTX V3 Interfacer (key:value pairs, added by @owenduffy)”

OK. I read in “openenergymonitor 0.0.1 documentation” under emontx3 direct serial connection. using usb to UART cable. An interfacer setup for USB0. I copied this into the EMONHUB config. It did not seem to work.

OK using the OEM interfacer from that list instead of the one on the documents page I am now getting identical inputs under the name emon/test.