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Old Android 4.4 device as display for local Emoncms

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I’ve just purchased the kit and have my local Emoncms server setup and working. My iPad can access the local emonPI with no problems, account created etc.

I want to use an old tablet as a kiosk display and have the app installed which works but the app is very limited, I really need the octopus agile view of the world so I’m trying to log into the Emoncms server from an android v4.4.2 device, however I can’t get past the login screen!

I can fill in username and passcode but the login button just does nothing! I don’t get error messages or anything, it just sits there doing nothing.

I’ve tried the default google browser and a mini opera browser but no difference.

Is there something special I need to do here?


It works for me with Android 4.3 (Samsung Galaxy S3) - but with Firefox as the browser. Google Chrome won’t update on mine, but it still works and logs in for me

As far as I’m aware, there’s nothing special.

I had the same issue with an old Galaxy Tab 2.
Wouldnt sign in on the default browser, and threw up a load of access errors in Firefox.

Managed to get this working by installing internet explorer browser. For some reason it doesn’t seem to like chrome or opera.