OK to use Sense CTs with OEM?

I ordered and just received a Sense monitor. I am interested in seeing how well it works/what it does.

It comes with these CTsmicrocaptureimage


I’d like to use the CTs for both Sense as well as OEM DIY builds. I’d do this by splicing into the cable(s) and attaching additional wires.

Is this an ok idea or not?

Thank you.

It might be, but unfortunately that picture doesn’t tell me enough. And I couldn’t see anything useful on their website. What we need to know is exactly how those are used inside whatever it plug in to, and the only way you’re going to do that is take something apart and measure what is on and in the various cores of those cables. What you’ve got to have is something that is both suitable for OEM equipment, but also does not interfere with the operation of the Sense unit.

Thank you. Based on your advice, I’ll have two sets of CTs on the main lines. Unless two sets would interfere with one another?

They might if they are very close together. A couple of inches separation should be OK.