Off-grid solar diverter

Hi, I’ve moved from an outback fm60 which could switch an aux load in when in float (but couldn’t pwm this aux load to track pv production) to a Sunsynk 3.6kW.

What are my options for a diversion load controller than won’t flatten my batteries (it will pwm power to the immersion to track pv production) and will read BMS data from my Seplos pack (as the Sunsynk doesn’t have a suitable aux port to switch the load on) so it knows when the batteries are full?

Looks like I need to build one then….

Welcome, Hugh to the OEM forum.

I’m sorry no-one has picked up your enquiry, it would appear that there is limited experience here of what you want to do.

Although my background is in industrial automation, drives and controls, I’ve no direct experience in the use of the facilities you have, so I can’t offer any direct advice. If you haven’t seen or found already, there’s information in the ‘Learn’ section about how to avoid conflict when you have more than one controller trying to manage the surplus power generated by your PV.

Robin Emley’s MK2PVrouter (again, details in ‘Learn’ and on his website (though that won’t remain available for ever now that he’s handed over to the French couple) would appear to be something worth looking at – his software can generate an analogue output to drive a commercial PWM controller, which with information from the other devices, would appear to offer a promising solution.