Octopus Tracker Comparison

I love my OpenEnergyMonitor setup, and it’s worked brilliantly over a number of years now. The Apps have been so helpful, especially the Octopus Agile vs Go vs comparison. Has anyone got any thoughts if an Agile vs Tracker comparison is possible using the existing apps?


A quick side note in case anyone hasn’t realized : you can also use the Go vs Agile to compare Economy 7 or 8 against Agile. I don’t remember whether the low rate can start before midnight for E 10.

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Mmmm…that’s made me think! Maybe I could just use a day by day approach to working out the average with Tracker, and then work out a monthly average manually myself :thinking:

As a semi-manual comparison, you could pick “yesterday” and compare what your average Agile unit price would have been with the tracker, then << to each previous day.

Or compare your bill with the estimate for a total Agile bill, but beware standing charge changes.

I ended up just doing the calculations using the Agile vs Go calculator, and changed the two Go rates to the Tracker tariff for that day. I tabulated the calculations…and it looks like so far this month, Agile is better for our usage pattern. However Tracker has a seasonal weighting element and I’d love to see the yearly view (especially when we have much lower overnight usage in spring and summer…but doing the manual calculations would be a PITA. I did notice there might be a rounding error somewhere in the Go calculations too…but it’s just a matter of a few pennies out