Octopus Intelligent Tariff

Are there any plans (if it’s even possible) to make the OpenEVSE compatible with the new Octopus Intelligent tariff Intelligent Octopus | Octopus Energy

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That’s an interesting read, thanks for sharing. I’m on the hunt for a change given how expensive Octopus Agile is becoming.

My emperor’s new clothes alarm bell goes whenever I read AI, so I’m pretty sceptical about what the tariff actually does (as a professional data scientist). My guess is it varies the charge rate based on wholesale unit price, but will that be a big gain? I suspect it could be an OK earner for Octopus, but the only benefit for the consumer over the Go tariff is only the extra two hours off-peak.

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Do you think there would be much difference between using the octopus app for the intelligent octopus tariff vs using demand shaper with octopus agile?

Price wise? Yes, at the moment. It’s been a long time since Octopus Agile was at 5 p/kWh, which is what Octopus Intelligent costs off-peak (unless I’m missing something).

The difference is that Octopus Intelligent increases your charging rate when the wholesale electric price is lowest - but this doesn’t affect how much you pay as a consumer.

It’s been a while since I originally posted this question. Anyway, I am now on the Octopus Intelligent tariff, and counter to the previous comment on this thread, when at the low rate, this is available for the whole household, not just the charger.

However, using the OI app to control the charge means that it is linked to the vehicle, and only one vehicle can be charged at a time. So if you have EV visitors, or a second car, that can’t be set up on the account.

Letting the charger control the timings would remove that obstacle and allow anyone using the charger to use OI.

So has anyone even looked at whether integration with OI is possible?


I have tried, however not able to do it yet. I have asked when/if OCPP will be availably from Octopus on the tariff as I think this may be able to make the charger more intelligent. I have great fun at the moment trying to mess around to get spare solar divert to work OK with IO


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What are you trying to divert to? I’d be interesting in playing around with IO if that’s possible

I’m using home assistant with OI integration (GitHub - megakid/ha_octopus_intelligent) to take action based on periods of low rate. For example, I trigger an afternoon DHW run and set the heating trigger temperature higher during Octopus Intelligent cheap rate periods.

@TrystanLea - could OI be added to the ‘Agile’ App (perhaps better renamed the Octopus Tariff App)

You can then compare the different tariffs for your personal usage profile.

I try to use excess solar to charge the car during the day, but if I let IO have control of the car it does not charge as it is not in a designated charge time slot. The only way I can do it at the moment is to switch off IO control in the app during the day when I want to use solar to charge then turn it back on when the sun has gone down and let IO finish off the charge if needed