Octopus consumption API outage

So folks are aware - forum is restricted to those on the Agile tariff. (Octopus Smart Energy forum).

As many of you have noticed, we’re missing most readings since Thursday. The root cause of this was an issue at the DCC which is now resolved - we’re working with them and other necessary parties to restore the data but this will take a day or two to complete.

Given this enforced outage, we’re also taking the opportunity to bring forward some database maintenance. This means that for the next few hours the smart meter readings page will not be available on the octopus.energy website. Nor will the API for consumption be available.

I’m sorry for the disruption and lack of advance notice - but whilst there isn’t any new data to show it seemed a good time to jump on this.


Thanks for that - I had noticed my Octopus Go API feed had stopped working, but had yet to look in to why. Will wait for it to re-start.

For me there is still a data gap.

One of the disadvantages of @TrystanLea Python script is once you have a gap, it never fills it in; you have to use a new Feed. This is fine until your history is greater than what can be retrieved.

You can clear the feed (an option in the delete feed dialog) and then re-run the script to pull in all the data. but yes still a bit of a faff…

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Ah I’d not thought of that. I can clear it to before the outage and run it and it should pull in all the subsequent data.

Can you clear the data via an API call?

@TrystanLea could the option to delete data from a specific time be added? The delete function only deletes data from start to a point in time.

The editrealtime is throwing an error as well @emrys.


My Go Feed has stopped again - has anything been said within the Octopus Agile forum?

Just they had issues with the DCC Data supply.

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If Octopus supported using a CAD - Consumer Access Device then you would not be at the mercy of the DCC network.

Of course then you might hit the problem that all currently available in the UK CAD devices force you to upload data from your CAD to the CAD makers own cloud server and do not provide local access. :frowning:

Yes and no. The issue is actually around what they will try and bill me! However, as I have emoncms and a pulse sensor hooked up, I can demonstrate my local measurements are less 0.3% in error compared to the DCC data, which will support any billing query.

CAD devices are supposed to be able to download tariff information from the smart meter which in turn downloads it from the DCC which (presumably) gets it from the energy provider, however consumption information can be obtained locally direct from the smart meter instead of the DCC or energy provider.

As the tariff information will in the case of Octopus Agile only change once a day that in most cases would be good enough.

In this case the app could get the tariff information direct from Octopus and if Octopus supported it and the app was written to use it consumption data from the CAD. Hence no need for the DCC.

The whole point of CAD devices is to let customers access their OWN data locally. After all CAD stands for Consumer Access Device. Sadly the CAD makers and energy providers seem to be conspiring to make CAD devices useless from this point of view. It does not stand for Corporate Access Device. :angry:

My point is, the data needs to go to the DCC to go to the supplier so they can bill me accurately.

Don’t disagree.