Octopus Agile Integration with OpenEVSE?


I have just signed up for Octopus Agile and I’m now trying to optimise my energy usage!

Has anyone done any kind of Octopus Agile integration with OpenEVSE?
I suspect it probably makes sense to do some kind of separate script and the send commands to OpenEVSE (rather than adding support for it in the firmware).

But I am slightly surprised to not find someone has written something similar already? Maybe because other tariffs are better value for EVs?

I was planning to use create a Claim to do this:

Can I make up my own Client Id for this purpose?
Or should I use EvseClient_Vendor_Unregistered?



If you use home assistant the bottlecapdave octopus integration is very good for pulling down agile data.

With that you can either just send a command when the price drops below a limit, or you can create tracker rates where it will find the X cheapest half hour slots between certain hours. I do this to pull the cheapest hours between 11-6am.

The OpenEVSE integration doesn’t look like it has options to control the charging? But I’m sure you could send the commands in a manual fashion as it supports is commands/web requests etc with a bit of tinkering.

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Thanks Ben. No, I don’t currently use Home Assistant but useful to know that it exists.

The Home Assistant Integration can control the charge:

It can also be done via the HTTP or MQT API, RAPI has now been deprecated.

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Claims is the correct API to use, or you can use manual override API.

Yes, I think this will work.

Ah I was looking at the docs OpenEVSE - Home Assistant here.

There’s normally always another integration that does what you want :grin:

That’s the old integration, it doesn’t work with the latest WiFi version. We’ve been trying to get HA to update, but they seem to prefer keeping integrations separate from the core now. We link to the new integration from the OpenEVSE WiFi docs page.