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Just to chip in here …
I’m about to invest in a large battery as an add to a large PV system.
My preliminary calcs suggest there will be financial savings if on a flat rate tariff.
The savings approx double if on Octopus Agile/GO and then charge the battery during the night.
Financial savings pay for the battery investment - which is fair do’s
But also energy imported at night has approx half the carbon intensity of peak time generated electricity.
So there’s also a ‘benefit to the planet’ by charging at night to avoid import during peak hours.
Just a thought …

That’s good to hear @johnbanks, there’s also the potential carbon and financial benefit of reduced need for grid upgrades and grid level storage that would otherwise be needed. As end users & generators we can better play our part in a more optimised system.

The latest version of the demandshaper module (used for automatic scheduling of appliances based on day ahead forecasts such as the one provided by Octopus Agile) now supports all Octopus Agile regions in the UK, see forum post: Emoncms Demand Shaper module - #23 by TrystanLea.

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Just realised I didn’t setup up any ‘power to kwh’ feeds on either my local or emoncms.org instances when I first installed… they’ve both just been logging the raw 10s data for solar, import and use.

Its been like that for 11 months… I take it there is no way of going back and retrospectively doing the calculations so I can use the apps?

Yes you can do this with the post process module, it should be installed on your emonSD local system. You can select a source power feed and create cumulative kWh feed using the power_to_kwh process from that.

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Phew, thanks @TrystanLea, will take a look when I get home. :+1:

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Is it a problem with just me, but I’ve got no data for Octopus Agile for today?

Seems there was no update yesterday at 6pm UTC from agile, I’ve ran it manually this morning and advanced the time to 6:30pm UTC.

Perfect, thank you.

It didn’t come in until about 9pm last night. Apparently some data Octopus rely on was late…

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I’ve not worked out the payback period to be honest. I’ve been a Tesla Powerwall installer since they came to the UK market and the installed cost of a Powerwall 2 today with 13.5kWh of usable capacity is roughly the same as the cost of Powerwall 1 which had 6.4kWh of usable storage.

There is therefore a case for waiting a couple of years for the price per kWh to reduce further, particularly with an ever-increasing number of manufacturers joining the market.

Many of my customers purchasing batteries, Tesla and otherwise, are making an emotional purchase. Some just want a cutting-edge gadget, others like the feeling of using their own generated electricity.


Plenty good enough reasons, sometimes the payback mentality goes to far. We do so many other things in life without doing payback calculations.

Couple of things from having a play over the weekend.

Being a solar user I need to select export and export_kwh rather use and use_kwh? Maybe this needs to be clearer if correct?

I think it would be good to ask for your current electricity price so that you can compare across periods and show any savings? This would be good for people thinking of moving to Agile currently on fixed price tariffs.

Great stuff @TrystanLea, will continue to have a play. :grinning:

And the standing charge. This varies so much now.

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Agile stats were late again… came in around 7pm.

Agile stats appear to have failed again :frowning:

I’ve setup a 1am update now to hopefully catch the later updates.

Will this update demandshaper as well?

Yes :slight_smile: