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Octopus Agile emoncms app

@TrystanLea, I came across this work Octopus Smart Energy forum today. 7 day forecast is pretty interesting.

Now available as a JSON output…

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Brilliant, that will be useful! Thanks

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@TrystanLea - I have just invested in a QHD monitor and the Agile graphs do not adjust correctly.

Seems there is no maximum height for the chart, it just uses a % of the available area and always hides the bit at the bottom therefore. The width seems to be fixed as well.

Could you also investigate a means of exporting the half hour totals as CSV please?

New feature: Custom date range entry and CSV download

As requested by @borpin

Available in the latest version of the app’s module (v2.2.4) via standard emoncms update procedure.

  • Click on Download CSV button to download all data in the selected window, including half hourly consumption, agile price, half hourly cost etc.

  • Enter a custom date range in the timepickers below the graph to select a custom period. Useful for lining up the view with your bill. Be sure to add +1 day to the end time, as it is otherwise 00:00:00 midnight, the start of the day entered. E.g my bill states 5th Nov to 10th of Dec, but I needed to select 11th of Dec 00:00:00 = end of the day on the 10th… for the bill to match… which it did exactly.


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New feature: Half hourly grid carbon analysis

I’ve added an option to show UK grid carbon intensity and calculate the average intensity of the consumption in the window (based on the time of use). This is optional and turned off by default.

The data is based on the intensity imported from Carbon Intensity API

There’s also a script in usefulscripts that can be used to import this data onto a local emoncms installation: usefulscripts/carbonintensity at master · emoncms/usefulscripts · GitHub

I would like to caveat this feature though that whilst I find it interesting, this kind of carbon intensity analysis is far from perfect. It doesn’t really capture what the aggregate effect would be if everyone consumed electricity at what are currently times of low demand and low intensity, nor does it capture a more complex view of long term electricity system decarbonisation and adoption curves of measures like switching to heat pumps or EV’s. Octopus agile is also a renewable tariff. Views differ of course on how these factors should be accounted for :slight_smile: I’ve added this feature as a point of interest more than anything.

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Nice feature.

Could the price (and Crabon intensity) data please be downloaded locally. As discussed, if the API suddenly limits historical information, the historical consumption data would not be very useful (as you’d lose the cost). It’ll also reduce the load on the remote server.

Could you fix the graph scaling? On UHD monitors the graph is terrible (fills the page) and you always have to scroll to get the detail at the bottom.

I also think a table with monthly / annual data would be really useful.

Thanks @borpin

Emoncms apps are not really setup to handle the process of importing data locally in that way, but I agree it would be nice. It’s just not particularly easy to do unfortunately in a way that doesnt require command line. Perhaps some kind of extention of the sync module to allow local download of a range of datasets could work, but thats a fair bit of development. There’s a reason I haven’t done this yet.

Ok, and yes Id like to do the longer term views including daily and monthly.

I put the following chart together in a spreadsheet using the new range selector to get the monthly average values, one month at a time:


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This may be the wrong place to post but…

I have a house battery and I would like to exclude the power from this in the Agile graphs. I tried this by creating a Virtual Feed but it is not selectable in the app.

Any help would be great!

Do you have a single feed for the battery charge power and another for discharge or a combined feed?
Can you subtract the battery power from the house import using input processing? That’s how I calculated my lighting and appliances feed for the last graph I posted above…

The feeds are separate but created from different nodes.
I was trying to create the feed by subtracting but I couldn’t work it out!

I think I have done it!

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But when I change the app settings like this:

It shows the import as Export?

Any clues to what I am doing wrong?

Where is the CT placed?
Do you have just one CT?

It’s a bit more complicated than that. I have a solar system and separate battery system, so two inverters. I have an EmonPi and it’s CT clamps on the house and solar side.

For the battery system I use Home Assistant to get data from the battery inverter and send this to EmonCMS.

I do this so I can fully utilise the Solar Battery app in EmonCMS and see the battery SoC, etc.

Anyway, I digress. I have figured out the issue in that I was putting the negative feed in the wrong place. This is how I have it now.

I’m a little late to this, but when I try to run this App, I get an error.

If I use Firefox, it’s:

EmonCMS Error
Message: TypeError: data.agile[(2 * (z - 1))] is undefined
Route: app/view?name=Octopus+Agile
Line: 972
Column: 35

If I use Vivaldi (basically Chrome), it’s:

JavaScript from "emonpi.home"
EmonCMS Error
Message: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '1' of
Route: app/view?name=Octopus+Agile
Line: 972
Column: 54

Unfortunately, the app’s page is effectively broken with a spinning “ajax-loader” so I’m unable to click on the spanner to edit the page and correct anything - presuming a feed name needs altering.

So, I have the App, but I can’t use / edit it, or remove it.

This is on emonSD-24Jul20, updated ~2 days ago…

I had a question about this. I hope this thread (and not a new one) is the right place to ask it…

I’m confiused as to where the meter_kwh_hh is supposed to come from…? AFAICS, data is only available for the previous day from the Octopus API (which is a bit disappointing, TBH). Is it possible to get data directly from the smart meter somehow…? How is this consumed by emoncms…?

I have data coming in to emoncms from CT sensors around Solar and consumption, but just wondering how the meter_kwh_hh fits into this…

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

Welcome, @SunnySparks, to OEM.

I’m sorry no-one has replied to you yet, maybe @TrystanLea can help you?

You need to use one of the various mechanisms to download the data from Octopus on a daily basis and inject it into emoncms. - e.g. Python script to import Octopus Agile consumption data into emoncms - #30 by TrystanLea There are also Node-Red solutons as well.

That is how it is - take it up with OFGEM :slight_smile: (I do agree).

No unless you have a Glow stick which I think then will enable that.

Hi all,

I also hope this is an appropriate place, rather than a new thread, to point out that the feed of carbon intensity seems to have stopped working at 0710 yesterday. It now returns all nulls

Loving the app, and I’ve just switched to octopus so hoping to get my smart meter soon and become one of those annoying agile snobs :smiley:



I’m having a few issues getting my head around what I need to do to my feeds to get this to correctly work with my battery system. I have separate PV and battery systems, 3 CT clamps. Main feeds are the PV, Battery_charge, Battery_discharge and Use - where Use is solar power + battery power, plus grid power.

I’m pretty sure it’s down to me adding the battery power input, rather than the charge/discharge feeds, but I’m not sure of the best approach how it should be done (otherwise I’ll end up with something weird like this:

where overnight charging was detected as export.