Octopus Agile data and emoncms Agile 'App'

Continuing the discussion from Python script to import Octopus Agile consumption data into emoncms:


I am trying to pull in my Agile data (as it is now reliable) to use the emoncms Agile App (referred to subsequently as just ‘the App’) to check my average price.

Agile script works fine but:

  • It needs a means of using the settings from a location that will not upset git pulling a new version of usefulscripts ah I realised the created conf file is ignored by git :frowning:

I now have a feed of the hh consumption data.

It seems, though, the App will not just accept hh data. Is this correct? I have tried ‘diabling’ the other feeds, but it never allows me to launch the App.

Also, can the GO graphics be optional please?

@TrystanLea - any ideas?

There’s an option to select a ‘meter_kwh_hh’ feed. This is designed to work with data from octopus.
But then I think the app needs a ‘import_kwh’ feed seperatly, this was meant to for realtime data frome.g and EmonTx or EmonPi with the meter_kwh_hh feed for validation more than the main data source…

The import_kwh feed needs to be cumulative …

Can this be amended as the hh octopus data is the authoritative data.