Octopus Agile as a feed/input

Hi James, how are you installing it?

Just restarted my Home Assistant add-on and it loads the package no problem. Has anything else changed?

I did update the version and added an output for use with InfluxDB a week ago.


[08:16:06] INFO: Starting installation of custom NPM/Node-RED packages...
+ [email protected]
+ [email protected]
added 2 packages from 17 contributors and audited 3759 packages in 23.547s

Add-on config (partial)

  - 'git+https://github.com/borpin/node-red-contrib-octopus.git'
  - canvas-gauges
init_commands: []
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Hi Brian,

Thankyou, I swapped

‘npm install GitHub - borpin/node-red-contrib-octopus: Octopus Node-Red node --save’


 - 'git+https://github.com/borpin/node-red-contrib-octopus.git'

and this fixed it!

Great work on this, its very usefull, thank you for sharing!

Best Regards


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Hi @borpin just wanted to let you know that I just installed your node red node from GitHub and it works perfectly.

Just what I needed, many thanks

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I have created a feed that takes the Agile costs and loads them into Emoncms (input). I run a python script every 30 minutes (+1) which loads the value.

This is great for seeing the costs now but I wanted to feed in the costs for the future ( aka the Octopus Agile app).

The idea is to combine these projected costs along with other areas as per the initial request for help.

Is there a way of directly loading the feed with future values rather then relying on the input? I assume a feed takes the current input value and provides a timestamp. SO is there a method I could insert directly into the feed which would then complete what I need - maybe there is an API call I could send data to feed rather than input?

thanking you in advance - Andy B

Apologies everyone. I have found the details for feed API so will follow that.