OctoChargeCalc by energy-stats.uk

At the start of lockdown they said use the time to learn a new skill. So I took that onboard and here’s the result.

OctoChargeCalc - https://octochargecalc.energy-stats.uk/

I knew a bit of python as that is the backbone of the energy-stats website API calls, but i’d never written a webapp before, so this has been massive learning curve doing this in Flask framework.

What does it do?
Well you tell it how much you want to charge your (EV / Battery / Heat Pump) in kWh each and every day, tell it the charge rate of your device and where in the country you are.

It then goes away, pulls out the cheapest number of required slots per day for the timeframe selected from the underlying energy-stats.uk database and displays graphs and a short summary of what that amount of energy historically would have cost you on Agile.

You can also select an ‘alternative’ unit price to compare against… ie 14p/unit to compare against the same time frame.

So i’m hoping that potential Agile (or even Go) customers can use this to visualise (in pounds and pence) their charging requirements.

I’ve not yet fully announced this to the world or linked to it from my main website, so think of this as a sneak peak or a live beta test. Very much a slow / phased release. :grinning:

Please send over comments or if you spot any bugs etc.

Like I said, this has been a massive learning curve and undertaking, so I do expect some bumps in the road.

Any comments or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Mick


Wow, that’s a really nice tool @Zarch simple and clear! Is it worth asking if its a EV battery and then asking for performance in miles/kWh so that you can show pence per mile? E.g at 4miles/kWh last week would have been 0.9p/mile!

Is performance/mile different to from car to car @TrystanLea? Like MPG?

Apologies for my ignorance… our EV is still on back-order so haven’t got all the EV lingo nailed down yet! :grinning:

Yes there a fair bit of variation, I think Tesla Model 3 and Hyundai Ioniq get best economy 4 miles/kWh and above. The Tesla model X P100D ~2.5 miles/kWh and I think the Jaguar Ipace is also around the 2.0 miles/kWh range being a larger SUV. Obviously depends on how you drive them as well :slight_smile:

In addition to miles/kWh, its also common to use, Wh per mile or Wh per km. 4 miles/kWh = 250 Wh per mile or 155 Wh per km.

There are some good figures here: Fuel Economy

Thanks all that @TrystanLea, that’s great.

I’ll look at this in more detail once I’ve got the first release properly out there and working.

I’ve been tweaking the app all week based on feedback.

I’ve primarily adding some form validation to ensure only valid selections are accepted as well as lots of minor little tweaks and changes.

Thanks everyone for the feedback and testing.


If anyone has any further comments or bug reports, please let me know.

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