OCPP and Octopus

I understand that OpenEVSE may be suitable to use with Octopus Intelligent tariff.

Has there been any move towards integration?



I am also interested in this :slight_smile:


I did try reaching out to Octopus to get info on this but didn’t really get anything useful, if anyone has any details on what is needed would be great to know.

I have a contact at Octopus. I will try and find out what would be needed their end to enable integration. It could potentially be a money saver!

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This should help:


That is for the API, what you would use for the Agile tariff. As far as I understand the Intelligent tariff uses OCPP to allow Octopus to control when the car charges, vs what you would do with Go or Agile where the EVSE controls when to charge.

I would expect there to be some details of the OCPP servers, what to send as the ID, etc, maybe some certification or validation process.

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Sorry it took me a while to contact Octopus.

Reply was

Hi there - thanks for raising this Ian. OCPP as an integration route is on the roadmap but might be some time before fully integrated / supported. Will let you know as we build this out.