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NOW SOLD - DIY BMS v4.2 controller and shunt board fully assembled UK England

hello as per asking stuart if it was ok to sell my extra assembled boards i have 3 sets of the new 4.2 controller and shunt board.

controller comes with esp32 pre programmed (youll just need to enter your wifi details in), youll also have to purchase the LCD screen, but all has been tested with shunt and good to go (you can use without screen its optional)

the shunt boards again are fully assemebled and programmed minus the actuall shunt, i have a 500amp version on mine so they were built with that in mind but they should fit the 100/200/300amp if the sense cables reach to the shunt if not its a easy fix to extend them (i dont have the smaller shunt to test out but its been tested with my 500amp shunt)

the shunt board come with a 3d printed din mounted um72 mount just needs a couple of screws or superglue the ends on when the shunt has been bolted on.

im located in UK and each of the 3 kits will be £60 including postage. if somone in europe wants it then postage will be extra ontop.


lcd included?

nope it mentions that in the post

I am very interested in your assembled boards. Next steps?

send me a private message, where are you located

i accept paypal

Feedback profile my ebay profile

It’s because you are new here. You should be able to now.


somthing doesnt add up here…

nigirian name only just signed up, living in france and wanting items sent to another “friends” address in the uk…

think ill pass as it smells of a scam

smells like a scam for some (hope to expand your horizons)

Interested in a Board, Can I get some DM capabilites?

Hello. I am leaving on a 2.month boat trip in a few weeks. I don’t have time to order diybms boards and parts from jlcpcb.
I have a 24v 8s2p house battery that I would like to balance and monitor replacing current older Daly BMS that has no monitoring or setting capabilities.

Do you have the balancing boards in addition to controller and shunt?

I am in Turkey and need and would like a complete system.

Thanks for any info.


sorry i will only post to uk and europe

only one set left

all sold thanks:

one to juized
one to luxprospector
and last one to mon337456