Notify on inactive feeds

Hi, is this feature still available, or has it been replaced by something similar?

I am using and my feeds sometimes go inactive. Until I can get that figured out, it’d be nice to know when they are down so I can reboot my device to restart them.


I’m looking into writing a little python script that compares the current time to the last updated time from, and then finding a server to host and automatically run that script every so often. But that’s a lot more complicated than using a built-in tool if its available.

There is something similar already in the final stages of being implemented. See this git pull request from @EA2EGA which is just awaiting a few minor issues to be addressed, before it will be merged into emoncms.
It’s too early to confirm if it be eventual merged into but I’m sure that it will be considered.


Thank you Paul!

That request addresses the same problem but a different way. My installation is more of a logger than a display so I may not notice the display change to “TOerror.” The original notification of inactive feeds in the blog linked in my first post is gone?

This link still works for me?


Yes the link to the blog post works, but I don’t see the function it is talking about on The interface has changed a bit since that post so I’m not sure if I’m not looking in the right place or the notify feature is gone.

Well the blog post does say;

Notify is now running on, you may want to check that your email address is correct before turning it on.

Perhaps @Gwil could check please, and if necessary update the blog post.


Right but that was 2013. Hopefully it’s still available somewhere and I just don’t know my way around well enough. Thanks for the answers and looking in to.

I don’t think it is active on, I’m not sure what the issue was. @TrystanLea will be able to confirm, he managed I have been using nodered to setup notifications, its easy to customise a number of notifications with plugins for all the standard notification channels.

An example for email notification for low emonTH battery voltage is presetup on emonPi nodered, just enter your gmail account details to send the email: