Note taking or text feed logging

I wasn’t sure where to put this, so I’ve put it here. Apologies if it’s the wrong place.

Is there a way to have a feed that can log incoming text messages, or to accept text notes?

It would be handy to be able to log a note for e.g. swapping a filter or opening a radiator valve up, so that a step change in a log makes sense.

Additionally, lots of things that log via MQTT can kick out custom text on certain conditions, and it would be handy to log those, too, such as loss of a sensor, a change in a digital input or something.

I know this is kind of stretching the premise a bit, but logging is logging, right?

It’s a feature request to add to what – emonCMS in general?

Please give us a hint towards what you were thinking about at the time.

Hello @Tom_sky no this is not supported at the moment. Emoncms is for better or worse quite focused on fixed interval timeseries data. Something like this would certainly be neat, to be able to see events like this overlayed and labelled on graphs but it’s not possible at the moment and unlikely to be something Il get a chance to work on for a while.