Non tethered type-2 EVSE - plug lock and AC-filter

The controller in our five year old Wallb-e EVSE has developed some issues and I decided to future proof the EVSE and replace the old controller with an OpenEVSE v5 controller.

I have been reading up on the very nice development work done here and it leaves me with two questions:

  1. Is it required to have a lock on the female connection? Our EVSE has a lock on the female connection. The pictures of the OpenEVSE build seem to show a connection without at lock. I guess the lock is not strictly required as the connection to the proximity sensor will become open if one where to retract the cable during charging.

  2. AC-filter. What’s the practical function of the new AC-filter - is it just solving a certification issue? I do not see any of the OpenEVSE 3-phase diagrams showing this filter?

Great to hear your considering OpenEVSE. Sorry for slow reply

The lock is optional, I would recommend not fitting a lock, more trouble than its worth IMO. The cable can be locked at the car end if security is an issue in your area. It’s totally fine to unplug while charging, the CP pin on a T2 connector is shorter than the Line pins and will kill the charge before the line pins disconnect so you are never breaking the connection under full load.

It was required for EMC to obtain CE certification, filters SMPS noise from the controller PSU from reaching the mains. Not essential for a self build.