Nodes & Input processing not properly imported after backup / import


I just upgrade emonpi from an old image to the lastest. I was running vlow-write-v8.5.
Here is what I did :

  • backup from old 8.5
  • swap SD card ato install brand new image
  • import backup

But my old custom nodes are not there any more and inputs (emonpi ones) did lost their process list.

Digging a little bit, emonhub.conf did not contain my specific config. And there is an emonhub.conf which is desperately empty.

What did I missed ?

Thanks !

Your emonhub.conf has been migrated but not automatically imported (due to potential conflicts). Your original emonhub.conf has been saved as ~/data/old.emonhub.conf, I would recomend you copy your custom node decoders over manually and paste into the new emonhub.conf in ~/data/emonhub.conf. You can edit via Emoncms web interface Setup > EmonHub.

This definitely needs a warning in the import script or an option to use the existing file.

Hello Glyn,

I did that and copied over emoncms.conf which seems to contains inputs, process lists and feeds but still, my inputs and their process do not appear. How is this emoncms.conf file supposed to be used ?

By the way, the “Node” page has been removed from version 9 ?

Thanks for your help

Appologies, I’m afraid that since the Nodes Module has been deprecated in favour of native Emoncms V9 Input processing it’s not possible to import your existing input processing. I’m afraid you will have to re-create your input processes.

I will make this clearer in the import documentation. Re-building your input processing is a regrettable one time operation. Going forward in the future with Emoncms V9 your import processing will be fully migratable and backed up using the Backup Module in the future.

Hello Glyn,

Rebuilding inout processes will not be an issue, I don’t have that many inputs. But, creating them, can I make sure the very same feed will be populated ? Can I specify the feed number ?

If not, can I upgrage my emoncms v8.6 to v9, export, install new SD image, import ? A bit tricky… but would that work ?

Thing is… I would like to continue to populate existing feeds so that I have historical data.


Yes sure, logging to existing feed is not a problem. When logging the Input to a Feed instead of click on the drop down menu underneath ‘Create New’, this will display your existing feeds. Just select the desired feed. Eg.

Ah…ok… as simple as that… :confused:
I’ll try to migrate today then !

Thanks for your help.


Emoncms is now running with the new image.

As a wrap-up, here is what I did :

  • backup up data from my old SD image running vlow-write-v8.5
  • install lastest image
  • followed the import guide here : Import / Backup - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor
  • update default emonhub.conf file using the backuped one
  • recreate process list manually as they are not imported from 8.x

And it is now back online :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.

Yah! Nice work :grin: