NodeRed MQTT Messages -> EmonCMS

Hi all,

I am trying to feed more data into EmonCMS so that I can display certain data on the dashboard (‘app’).
As you can see from my NodeRed config, I am already feeding my inverter’s data as well as my power retailer’s price data (I’m on variable pricing)
Feeds being done via MQTT.

On the right-hand side, you can see the outputs of the MQTT messages.
The data format for the (working) inverter is identical to the A/C’s data output, however EmonCMS correctly recognises the data from the inverter, but not for the A/C feed

It correctly reads the number of datapoints, but the names of the feeds are not recognised, nor are the values themselves coming through.

What am I missing?

I can’t read the image but maybe it’s just me.

I don’t think so - it’s a JPEG file (which doesn’t help) and the text in the labels appears to be about 4 pixels high. “NULL”, which I can only just read, is 8 pixels high. Here’s a label with a 1 px × 1 px grid superimposed:


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Can you post the picture again, please, as 3 separate and larger (higher resolution) images - and maybe as PNG or WEBP might help. I’ve promoted you, so you should be able to post more than one image now.

How are you feeding the data in? the Emoncms Node or MQTT?

If you have too many separate MQTT messages, it is possible to overload the MQTT receiver script in emoncms.

Send multiple feeds as a single JSON instead of separate topics.

What do the emoncms logs say (post text output not images)?

Because most of your Node-RED is functions, posting that image is useless to anyone. What you need is debug nodes at the point of sending, so you can view the actual messages sent.

Same with the Terminal Output. Copy and paste it into a message as preformatted text. -

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