Node-red to EmonCMS problems

Hello all,
First post here and a noob when it comes to a lot of the terminology so bear with me if I get a few things muddled.
I have an EmonPi which I have been using to monitor my PV install and that has been successful so far.
Recently I have made a hardware device to send mqtt data to the EmonPi mqtt broker (Mosquitto).
I then installed node-red on the same Pi device and have managed to create a flow that seems to output ok to the debug window in node red as I had hoped.
The problem comes when I use the EmonCMS push function to ‘push’ the info to the EmonCMS. I get an error stating ‘Invalid API key’ as depicted here.

I have checked that the API keys match and they do so I am not sure what I am doing wrong?
Thanks for your help in advance.

Are you sure you are using the RW key and not the Read only key?


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Thank you.
Told you I was a noob.

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