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Node-red gpio on x86 machines

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Hello all,

Curently, i am using emonpi with SSD to have emoncms integrated with node-red.
I was well advised by @borpin ( Thanks! ) to not use everything on the same machine, the reason i am looking for an alternative.

The problem is that i have a intel machine with gpio but my knowledge is still limited regarding using the gpio on node-red by sysfs, curently replaced by libgpiod. I know that exists node-red-node-pi-gpiod for rpi, mantained by node-red dev Dceejay but not for X86 intel machines (that i am aware of). Can someone knows a alternative (or an example) to do the same on my machine? I am no developer and know very little of coding but don’t have any problem to try build a node if someone point me in the right direction.
My machine is this one:

Thanks in advance.

Presuming you have NR on X86, what are you trying to do?

Hi @borpin,

Well, i used node-red-node-pi-gpiod to read and to control gpio input/output and wanted to do the same on my pc to control/read relays and sensors ( wind, temperature, water flow, gas flow, heating, windows and camera images. I was searching on the web and found some commands to use it on terminal but nothing on the node-red usind a dedicated node like gpiod.
I know i could use a raspberry to achieve the same but i am using a rpi4 with ssd as emonbase and it would be good to reuse a pc that i have around here as it is more powerfull and gives me sata, M2 slot, 4G connection, dual lan ports and gpio.