Node-red 0.20

(Wabiloo) #1

Did anyone try upgrading Node-Red to the latest v0.20? ( I’m still on v0.17.5 and am a little scared of trying as I have a fair few flows in this, however I’d like to be able to use some of the latest features.

(Fernando Fuentes) #2

Backup your configs/nodes/etc…

Than upgrade. :slight_smile:

(Wabiloo) #3

Any recommendation as to how to upgrade?
I can see an update-nodejs-and-nodered on my emonPi, but I’m wondering whether that’s enough…

(Brian Orpin) #4

Google is your friend.

Best to pull down the latest script.

(Fernando Fuentes) #5

This! :slight_smile:

(Wabiloo) #6

FWIW, I just used the one on my emonPi in the end, and it seemed to work all fine!

(Fernando Fuentes) #7

Thanks for letting us know.

(Lee) #8

Has anyone actually tried this successfully? :grinning:

(Wabiloo) #9

Yep, as I said, I did yesterday and it went fine.
I’ve yet to reboot though but confidence is high

(Lee) #10

:grinning: It’s not successful until you’ve rebooted, but it’s a good start. Let us know when you have!

(Wabiloo) #11

I didn’t need to reboot.