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I am using one emonPi, one emonTx v3.4 , 3 ct sensors one ac-ac adapter.
i want to monitor 3 phase voltage.
I have updated the emontx firmware.
I am not getting any values in emoncms
i have 3 ct sensors connected to emontx
i am not sure whether emonpi is connected to emontx

I am new with this and please could you break down the steps in simple language and help me.

I am runnng windows 10 and am from malaysia
i ordered emonpi in June (pi3)

while going through forums i came across minicom. I do not have much knowledge about these. Is that used to connect with emontx. if yes, how. Do we use any cable or is it wireless?

I can’t see anything there from the emonTx.

The first thing to check is, have you set up the sketch with the correct radio frequency, group and node ID? Is the sketch giving sensible (or any) numbers in the serial monitor?

The second: does the emonhub configuration (emonhub.conf) have a configuration entry for the 3-phase sketch. Look at the comments in the sketch to see what’s needed. If it does, I don’t know but somebody else here will. If it doesn’t, either add that or edit one of the other configurations. You can edit the configuration via your web browser.

problem solved

I made an error in the sketch… things are working now… Thank you so much for your time and patience. Great support. One suggestion is if you could make a video on how to setup emontx as well just like setup video for emonpi; that would be great.

Personally, I hate video instructions. Firstly, it costs me a lot of data, secondly, it is almost impossible to follow unless presented at the right level - for example I’ve seen some that take 20 - 30 mins that could be explained in one paragraph. Maybe it’s because I got into engineering a long time before home video recording became possible, let along common-place, but for me, clearly written instructions are the preferred medium.