No SSH Password

I enabled SSH and noticed there is no password prompt. How can I enable the password prompt? It’s actually pretty weird to me that this has been disabled - what was the logic behind this?

This is odd. I’ll do some tests.

Is this an EmonPi or an EmonBase? If an EmonPi, how did you enable it? Via creating a file in boot or using the long press?

My test is that a long press does then require a password.

It’s an emonPi, and I enabled it by putting the ssh file in the boot partition. To be clear, I can log in via SSH, I just am not asked for a password (and I haven’t added an SSH key).

I’m using the Oct 2018 image.

What are you using to login? My guess is the password must be saved somewhere on your machine from logging in previously. SSH always requires a password or key

Ah, just connected using the -v flag and found that it is indeed using my public key. I forgot that I had copied that over when I was adding the ssh file. So that clears things up. Sorry for wasting your time, my mistake!