No readings or zero values after a while

Hello everyone. I am on electricity monitoring project using ESP32 and CT. I am sending my data to AWS cloud server. Everything is well connected and data is being sent but a new problem arises here. As at the start I am recieving current and watts values, but after 2-3 minutes the values started to lower down and become zero and continuous to be zero despite what ever I do (like try to take out CT pin to create noise). I don’t know where I am doing mistake.
The code I am using is simple template and there is nothing wrong at there.
Example of readings is;
0.23 amp
0.34 amp
0.34 amp
0.36 amp
0 amp
0 amp
0 amp
0 amp
0 amp
Please guide me

I’m afraid none of us here are mind readers. Unless you tell us exactly how your c.t is connected, and what you are doing in the software to process the readings, nobody here will be able to help you.

Read what it says in the top few points on the FAQ page.

If you want to try to help yourself, you can read through the “Learn” section of this website. All the basic principles of energy monitoring, and the basic software to obtain meaningful readings, is there. All that information is customised to the Arduino Uno, but it should all apply (with minor changes) to your ESP.

At a pure guess, there are three basic things you need to check to begin with:

  1. That you are biasing the ADC input correctly.
  2. That you are correctly removing that offset you introduced with the bias voltage.
  3. That you are averaging the instantaneous values correctly.
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I am really sorry. I will go to learn section then.
One last thing, can you caught or minimize theft using any algorithm or logic solution? If you have any idea on a small scale prototype, kindly share it with me.