No public feeds before restore data from emonSD-26Oct17 to emonSD-13Jun18

Hi all, i was running emonSD-26Oct17 and made a backup.
Then installed emonSD-13Jun18 and recovered the backup, but now i’m not getting public feeds anymore.
All things are working very well, but not public feeds.
As u can see, all feeds are public.

I have this informations logged in.

And no informations logged out.

Any help?

Sorry to ask the obvious, but have tried clearing your browser cache?

Yeap, I did.

This is the link

If you hit f12 in your browser and select console you’ll get this

it says to review the config of dial, feedvalue and bar a fair few times but doesn’t say specifically what is wrong or which one, try checking the dash for any thing obvious even if there are no changes you could try re-saving the dash.

It looks like some changes in the code have a compatibility issue with your previous settings. Have you run the db update? (possibly another obvious question)

I recommend using the clone dash and play with that until you find the issue to save the original from getting messed up.

I’m getting these errors.

Doesn’t have these feeds, I dont know why are getting these errors.

I think those errors are unrelated to the public dash issue because if you “view source” the dashboard and search for 75, 76 or 77 there are no references to those feeds found, so that page isn’t trying to load those feeds. Plus the timestamp for those errors (I believe is always UTC) appear to be for 42hrs ago, they would have current timestamp if they were due to the page not loading right now. Whilst you do not have those feeds now, is it possible those errors were reported after deleting the feeds but before removing them from an input processlist or dashboard?

Yeap, i deleted some feeds two days ago.

Hi all, im still having problems with public feeds, now i discovered if i delete all Virtual Feeds, my dashboard can stay public again.
But when i created more than 2 virtual feeds, its lock again.

Any ideia??

This appears to be a very similar question