No power on (green) connectors

I have a relay that is not exposing any power when switched even if I see its blue diod and even red one when relay turned on by http. I even hear the relay switch on demand. But no power on connectors.
What can possibly go wrong?
Have a nide day.

Welcome, Jean-Charles, to the OEM forum.

I have known a case (not with this particular type of relay) where it is possible to have the relay clicking but there is not enough voltage to properly close the contacts.

Can you check the coil voltage when the output is “ON”. I think it should be about 4.7 V, but the circuit diagram is not very clear. it is not labelled.

If you can connect a programmer or a USB power supply, does the relay work then?

Hi Robert,

thank you for your response.

It appears even if I’m good at software, I’m very bad at wiring and had it wrong on the load side…
An electrician friend of mine did show me the right wiring and i’m now the happy user of a piloted heater based on battery level in an autonomous PV setup.

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Oh dear - this does not sound good for your safety. I am glad that nothing bad happened this time. If you are not certain that what you are doing is correct, you must ask your electrician friend first.

No power will be exposed by the relay, unless power is connected on the Common ‘C’ pin:

relay connection labeled

See user guide: