No power measurements from CT2,3,4 (EmonTXv3)

As per topic: I’m trying to measure currents on three phases and can only see a value on CT1.

Actually what I’m doing right now as a preliminary test is cabling three CTs on jacks 1, 2, 3 and putting all three CTs on the same Phase R of a three phases system. I’m using an AC adapter for voltage sensing.

The measure related to CT1 is showing correctly while CT2, CT3 measurements show always 0.

I’m looking at RF messages logs on receiving RaspberryPI and same result. Any idea?

…update: rebooting EmonTX solves. So it seems that changing CTs configuration actually requires rebooting EmonTX so that measurements are done on connected current probes.

That is indeed the intended behaviour. The sensors - voltage, current & temperature - are detected at start-up and only those found are enabled.

There is a answer about this in the FAQ (relating especially to the emonPi), but as it says there, it is applicable to the emonPi, emonTx and emonTH.

You will need to replace the default sketch with the 3-phase sketch to measure real power in a 3-phase system.