No file - settings.php


I’m using an install of Emoncms on a ocean droplet as per the instructions provided on these sites, however, I’m wanting to enable multi-user mode and also install some other modules.

The multi-user mode suggests a setting be changed in ‘settings.php’ but I cannot locate this file anywhere?

Even a complete file system search finds nothing?

[email protected]:~# find / -name settings.php -print
find: ‘/proc/14503’: No such file or directory
find: ‘/proc/14504’: No such file or directory
[email protected]:~#


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Search. I answered exactly this question just under 5 hours ago.

Hello @pentala, it’s in /var/www/emoncms, and the file name is settings.ini rather than .php now.

Hi @TrystanLea - thanks for your help with this and providing a useful answer with details :smile: