No Energy values on 8.2.0 EU

After upgrading to 8.2.0 EU, the Energy readings remain 0. I’ve double checked the wires to the “clamps”, and they’re like they were - cannot even connect them wrong way around. I also did a reflash to 8.2.0 via 7.1.6 (after realizing 7.1.6 doesn’t work at all due to Ground error, perhaps it could be removed from Github releases).

Any ideas?

I assume it is just me, then?

I’ve not been able to replicate, 8.2.0 has been used extensively without any issues with energy readings. To test can you flash back to the previous version you were running to see if there is indeed a hardware issue?

Are you sure the Power CT (large black CT) has only a single live wire running through it? The GFCI CT (smaller with orange wires) should have both live and neutral threaded through it.

There is no other EU firmware release in GitHub, except 7.1.6 that is pre-release and completely fails to start charging.

Also, with 8.2.0, the display contains weird characters.

Older EU firmware releases can be found here: Releases · openenergymonitor/open_evse · GitHub

7.1.6 is pre-release and should not be used, I’ll remove it from github.

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Energy readings are not working on V7.1.3.EU either but work on V5.1.0.EU. Didn’t test versions between those.

The display text corruption an only be seen on 8.2.0, not on 7.1.3 or 5.1.0.