No data is posted into the inputs on

Can someone help me please, I have attached the code I am trying use to POST some sensor data in The code complies properly, runs ok and 200 is returned when post is made but no data is posted into the inputs. If I try the example code, paste into a browser that works. The print out of the http message from my code looks exactly like the sample string. Can some please tell me what is wrong with my code, it is basically copied from the emonESP code but greatly cut down.

// construct emon string
      const char *post_path = "/input/post?";
      const char *emoncms_path = ""; 
      const char *emoncms_node = "testNode4";
      const char *emoncms_apikey = "5e04fee2ddb486aab161f01fdxxxxx";

      StaticJsonDocument<512> doc;
      doc["sensor"] = "BME280";
      doc["value1"] = 24.89;
      doc["value2"] = 59.95;
      doc["value3"] = 1004.18;
      String json;
      serializeJson(doc, json);

      String url = emoncms_path;
      url += post_path;
      url += F("node=");
      url += emoncms_node;
      url += F("&fulljson=");
      // url += urlencode(json);  no diference, nothing in inputs.  looks different to example of same format
      url += json;
      url += F("&apikey=");
      url += emoncms_apikey;

      int httpResponseCode = http.POST(url);

      if (httpResponseCode > 0)
        String response = http.getString();

        Serial << "\nResponse code = " << (httpResponseCode) << "\n";
        Serial << "Response string = " << (response) << '\n';

hello @bobcroft, looks like it should be ok, what do you get as the response string?

I too am having a similar issue. I have tried with two emonTX with WIFI boards to setup feeds into emonCMS yesterday and today, but no node/feed is being captured in my account using the read/write key.

Hi Trystan, Thanks for your reply. Since I posted I got my code working, but I am embarrassed to say, I can’t see any difference between what I posted and what is working now. My objective was to collect current and voltage data from my Arduino Mini Pro and send it serially to a Wemos Di Mini and then by HTTP to the server. I can also send the data via mqtt to Node-RED and Home Assistant. I have never used HTTP before and so that is a useful learning exercise. I just need to get the Enom graphing sorted out now.