No Code Writing For Flashing Cell Modules

Hi everyone.

I was having frustrating issues with trying to flash my cell modules. I thought the cheap usbasp was not working, or my soldering was to blame.
I have the V4 controller and the version 4.21 cell modules.
I tried Zadig-2.5 to change the driver etc., so that I could flash the modules with Stuart’s recommended programming method using avrdude.
The local electronics shop had a replacement on their website but also listed available downloads and instructions. These instructions saved my day.
Lookup It is their ‘ISP Programmer for Arduino and AVR’. Look at the listing and there is the option of a Downloads tab where the manual for the programmer is.
If you can’t write code, then this method uses an “avrdude” dashboard called AVRDUDESS 2.11, to do the same thing that Stuart has in his Github instructions.
To use AVRDUDESS 2.11, you just choose options in boxes, get the appropriate hex file from the Github download and away you go. Just remember to change the Bit clock to 187.5KHz and enter the fuse numbers for your modules with the 0x, then the two digits.

I hope this helps someone out there as I can’t code, and going into the command prompt in windows, is like coding.

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