NiMH cell/packs

Can this be configured to manage NiMH cell/packs? Is writing code an option?

Great product!


@stuart, any comment on the feasibility of updating the code to charge NiMH cells/packs?

I have 48 NiMH packs that are comprised of 5x1.2-1.3v cells, totaling ~6v per pack. I am making a 4S12P NiMH battery.

Okay, won’t work for this application.

Can’t you use 2 modules in series for the voltage?
Each module gets 3 volt of your 6 volt pack.
You would need 8 modules
(S4, P12)
Total voltage stays around 24v.

Depending on the capacity of the P12 and stability of those cells one could even choose to make doubles, 16 modules required 2* controler board to be able to dump enough energy during top Balance.

Adding heat sink would already make more efficient, if they easy go out of whack, additional BMS can be added later.

When you order from JLCPCB you end up with 2 controler boards atleast populated :slight_smile:

An interesting idea, @stuart could that be an option?

To be fair Brent, I have no idea. My gut feeling is it won’t.

On the NiMH packs you have are they not already in parallel/series before you start assembling them into packs? Won’t you need to split the packs to assemble larger parallel strings?

This is a pic of one of the 50 “packs” that I have; I am using 48 (+ two spares) to make my RE battery. The “pack” is 34 cm long from the tips of the terminals. I hope this helps with understanding what I am working with.


I obtained these from a 2015 Ford Escape Hybrid vehicle.

Ok, so the are already 5 in series. If these were lithium you would expect to pull them apart and make larger parallel packs.

I have two spare packs, maybe I will “sacrafice” one of my spares to see how they are connected together. What do you think?

I’m not really sure NiMH is worth the hassle of building a pack from, but if you have the time to play.