Newest emonSD release?

The pinned release under emonSD tag is 17Oct19, which is obviously an old version. It would be really useful if the pinned thread referred to the latest version.

Yes you are correct. I have unpinned it to prevent confusion. Looks like @TrystanLea may not have done a release announcement (not in that category anyway) to be pinned :frowning: .

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I’m on July20 now, and everythings works just fine. But eventually during the next few months I would like to install the newest emonSD on a new SD card. Right now I am not sure where to find it and what it is. Appreciate an update here.

To the best of my knowledge, this is accurate: emonSD Download — OpenEnergyMonitor 0.0.1 documentation

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Yes that’s the correct place to look. I will create another forum topic on the next release.

As of 4th July 2023 the most recent release is: emonSD-10Nov22