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Newbie stuff Open evse, Nissan Leaf

At this time of year I’ve got stacks of surplus solar. I already have a power wall & my car recently giving up has made me look at ev’s. Seriously considering an older leaf (hopefully 6.6kw charge. As they seem v good value.

Any advice / experience on open evse / leaf would be great. Would it all integrate ok with power wall?

I Graeme, I’ve been driving a Nissan Leaf with a 6.6kW charger for the past 6 years. It’s been great, and still going strong after 76,000 miles.

I use an OpenEVSE to divert excess solar PV to charge the car on sunny days. To use the solar PV divert function of the OpenEVSE you will need to have an OpenEnergyMonitor emonPi solar PV to monitor the solar PV generation and excess grid export. The OpenEVSE can divert the amount of excess energy (grid export) to the EV.

Thank you… I have an emon pi already so just need the openevse bit & an electrician to fit?
Assume the emonpi can be located in a different place to the openevse ok? the pi is next to the main consumer unit in the house and the evse would be in the garage.

Out of interest the adds for cars say stuff like “Just had its big service” - What does that mean for an EV… no cam belt etc…
Have you had any problems / unexpected costs at all with the leaf?

My Leaf30 is 4 years old and has only needed one repair – creaking wing mirrors, done under warranty.

Solar panels here are only 3.0kW and I couldn’t justify the extra cost of OpenEVSE since I already have a dumb chargepoint, paid for by OLEV. Instead, on sunny days I use the “granny” cable (2.0kW) with a £15 TP-Link WiFi plug, controlled by emonPi and node-red.