Newbie question

I have been using a EmonHP which was supplied fully setup( working great by the way). I have been afraid to mess with it but wanted to add my house temperature to it. I am well versed in Node red so used that to get the temperature from my Switchbot temperature device and then used Mqqt to post this to the emonHP using the topic emon/switchbot/indoorT. Right on que this appeared on the local unit and I was able to assign this to a feed that I then assign in the heatpump app to the house temperature which then successfully appeared in the heatpump graph.
I now want this into the emonCMS data and I thought that by using the topic emon/switchbot/indoorT this would be automatic, but it did not happen. How do I get this new input into emonCMS?

Do you mean the online data?

Sorry yes that is correct

You can only send data to the online version via HTTP not MQTT.

If using Node-Red, use the emoncms Node (or course you can publish the data to both MQTT for internal and emoncms flow for external).

Yes I have seen that in the documentation. It is just that I got the EmonHP preconfigured and it automatically pushes all the heatpump data up to This was preconfigured as part of the purchase. I have added my house internal temperature but this is not getting push up. Watching some old YouTube videos it just talks about entering your API key in the emonhub file which obviously is already done to allow heatpump data to be pushed. I cannot see any other settings.


Ah, yes, (I do not have an HP and the manner of configuration is not clear), but I guess it is emonhub that is pushing the data not emoncms. @glyn.hudson will need to help.