Newbie Question Voltis home voltage optimiser 220v use Emoncms

I am using a Voltis home voltage optimiser in a solar generation system.

The solar generation inverter @ 240V does supply the grid @ 240V.

Consumption is via the optimiser output @ 220V. The ac/ac voltage detector is after the optimiser so sees a voltage of about 220v when mains in and solar generation system is at 240v.

Will this impact on the performance of emonCMS?

Strictly speaking, no. EmonCMS will perform properly. But I think you mean: Are the values I measure wrong? And the answer to that is most certainly yes, some at least will be.

The consumed power of your home appliances will be calculated on the basis that the voltage is 220 V, which is correct. If you are using a CT to measure generation or your nett grid current, then your actual generated power or nett grid power will be that current at 240 V (or whatever your supply voltage happens to be at the time), so those values will be incorrect as they will be calculated on the basis of 220 V. However, if you are measuring grid consumption by counting pulses from your supplier’s meter, then that will be correct, but few if any meters emit pulses when you are exporting power.

Thanks for the help, I thought along the same lines!