Newbie question: Am I getting correct temperature readings?


I have received few days ago an emonTx and an ESP8266 WiFi. After Reading the guides I am able to see the energy consumption for my house :slight_smile:
I have also connected a DS18B20 sensor on RJ45 to the emonTX, but I am not sure if I am getting correct temperature information. The readings in emoncms show a value arround 200. Does this mean the temperature is arround 20.0º Celsius?


Yes, that is correct. 200 = 20.0 °C, 189 = 18.9 °C etc.
(The reason: to be able to send the temperature accurate to 0.1 °C but using an integer.)

I think the guide tells you to multiply the input by 0.1 before you log it to the feed (I output to MQTT as well).


And the processing on the input


It is because the data is transmitted as an integer.

Thanks a lot for the confirmation! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the steps :slight_smile:
I wasn’t able to find the information in the guide.
I think it will be useful to add these stpes in the Guide, in the section Temperature Nodes(s). At present, in that section In the log inputs to feeds it is not mentioned to multiply by 0.1
Thanks again for the quick reply