Newbie - probably non-standard installation - where to go from here

My settings.ini now looks like:

server = "localhost"
database = "emoncms"
username = "emoncms"
password = "emonpiemoncmsmysql2016"
dbtest   = true

enabled = true

enabled = true
user = 'username'
password = 'password'

engines_hidden = [0,6,10]
redisbuffer[enabled] = false
phpfina[datadir] = '/var/opt/emoncms/phpfina/'
phptimeseries[datadir] = '/var/opt/emoncms/phptimeseries/'

feedviewpath = "graph/"



level = 2

That is very wrong - not sure what has gone on here. Let me look.

Ok so, I see.

The normal default are part of the install repo.

I am doing this from memory but I think you will find it in the folder /opt/openenergymonitor/EmonScripts/defaults/emoncms/ and the file is called emonpi.settings.ini


cp /opt/openenergymonitor/EmonScripts/defaults/emoncms/emonpi.settings.ini /var/www/emoncms/settings.ini
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Much better.

So it seems my problem was that after I rebuilt the flash card, I copied my previous emonhub.conf and (more importantly) my previous settings.ini overtop of the one that came on the flash card. It would probably have ‘just worked’ had I not done the latter.

Awesome! Thanks for your help!

I think I can probably fumble my way through it from here.

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hmm. Not quite. When I try to create a feed, it looks like EMONCMS_DATADIR is not being expanded. Appears that that is post-edited by an install script.


I guess I’ll just manually correct it. Leaving this here in case someone else stumbles upon this thread.

Yes you are correct. /var/opt/emoncms



After you get everything else worked out…

Bear in mind the numbers you’ll get by using a table lamp as a load will more than likely not
be the values you are expecting.

You’ll want to use a larger load e.g. kettle, space heater, etc to do/check the unit’s calibration.

If you don’t have a larger load handy, you can pass multiple turns through the wire window of
a CT. e.g. a 100 Watt lamp with 10 turns through the CT is equivalent to a 1000 Watt load
with a single pass through the CT.

Thanks. Now that I have brought the whole kit and kaboodle to the site where I’ll be using it, I’ll actually put it in a panel and try to figure out how many more emontx’s I’ll need to buy and plan out my CT’s. I have 3 panels from two separate feeds.