Newbie Installing emoncms for sensors, arduino and posting to emoncms using a Pi

Hi all,

I’m trying to get my head around applying and using emoncms on a bespoke monitor. The new learn webpage, looks like it will become an excellent resource in time. But it’s missing some steps, that hopefully someone can help me address.

Background to my project, I’ve got 6 sensors connected to an Arduino, and I’m sending data over USB, UART serial to a Raspberry Pi. I am looking at emoncms to post and store data from the Arduino.

I’ve started following this;

and then end up here;

Step 1: Initial Setup, suggests to update to everything. However Step 0 is enter username and password, which I’ve spent 10 minutes searching the obvious places where these could be and have tried combination of likely candidates. mixing username and passwords.

I’ve set up raspberry pi images before and went for standard, pi and raspberry, Then based on ideas I saw from the above pages tried combos of emonpi emonpi2016 raspberrypi.

From coming into this as a newbie, unfortunately the guides and information is not newcommer friendly. One of my tasks is to get to grips with Github, as it’s a right pain to navigate. Perhaps it is fantastic for controlling software versions, but for accessing info that humans need, it’s hard work.

Can anyone shed some light on the defualt username and password for the emonPi image that can be downloaded form here;

Hi Stuart

I’m not sure where you are tying to log in, it sounds like you are talking about logging into a shell (over SSH?) which is

user: pi
pass: emonpi2016

If you are actually refering to logging in via a browser at http://emonpi/emoncms then that is not configured, you need to “register” to create a new user.