Newbie emonPi questions

Bought emonPi v1.6 (no case or Raspberry Pi) in Oct 2021 and just getting round to deploying it.

  1. Does a short ribbon cable connect emonPi to RaspberryPi ( I have a spare Pi 3 Model B+ (2017)) if so is this available to order?
  2. Does the emonPi always come preloaded with software or do I need to buy a USB to UART programmer for uploading Arduino software sketches?

Are you talking about an EmonPi - as this come in a metal case with a screen, or about an RFM69Pi - a little circuit board with an antenna, which plus straight to a Raspberry Pi’s header pins?

If it’s the RFM69Pi, it doesn’t use a ribbon cable and it comes ready programmed. Just connect it to the Pi. Download the EmonSD image (RPi OS + integrated EmonCMS software), flash it to an SD card, plug it into the Pi (a 3 is fine, I run mine on a 2), and power it on.

You will need some other hardware though, the RFM69Pi picks up radio transmissions from other Emon kit, like the EmonTX, EmonTH, EmonEVSE, etc.

Thank you. The emonPi board looks just like that in
See v1.6 Jun 2015 top left and long low profile header at bottom marked X1 under the left screw securing the standoff pillar on the other side.
The RaspberryPi (supplied by me) must fit below as you look at the photo as the three nylon standoffs are below.
The 5v and 3.3v pins are on the far right nearest black current clamp sockets on emonPi but on opposite end to RaspberryPi USB/RJ45 sockets
Turning the emonPi over (to that of photo) with standoffs pointing up there is no header; just six pins for LCD and push button

Ah, that’s what we call an emonPi Shield. An emonPi is the complete unit - case, Shield, display, Raspberry Pi and reset pushbutton, all assembled.

The Shield fits directly onto the RPi, but you should have received an extension header with it, withe 3 standoffs and 6 screws to mechanically hold the two together. I can provide a photo in an hour or two if that will help.

Yes to photo(s) please. The emonPi Shield arrived with no header. The low profile header occupies the holes opposite RaspberryPI GPIO pins on other side of board. The 3 standoffs and 6 screws were attached to the emonPi Shield on arrival.

You might want to put some tape on the top of the USB sockets, to remove the risk of a short.

emonPi Shield / Raspberry Pi incompatability - #3 by jpbrigg gives a useful photo and we have found an extension header in the box with 12.5 mm long pins

Thanks for photos, very helpful