Newbie But learning as I go. :)

I would just like to say thankyou to all the posters on the forum, and having a search facility is fantastic, a number of times during the install of my EmonPi & EmonTX I have come across a problem, where I thought “I know I will jump on the forum and ask for help”, but just before I did, i did a search and low and behold, someone else had previously had the exact or very similar problem to the one I was having, contributors, solved their problem and also mine.
Nice to know there is so much knowledge on board though, I am just a ‘user of data’ but I can see we have a lot of people who like to design the hardware to gain more data from your surroundings. :slight_smile:

I have a small solar setup at the moment which I am hoping to expand, and also build and install a solar tracker to get the most out of my panel(s)

But it’s nice to be able to create a dashboard which shows my Grid use, and solar PV generation at a glance.
Keep up the good work guys. :smile:


Hi Carl, and welcome to OEM!

A BIG thumbsup to you sir!
Efforts like yours make it easier for everyone.