[Newbie alert] so many questions!

Hello there!
Yesterday I successfully assembled my emonpi and my raspeberry (doesn’t seem like much but as explained somewhere else on the forum, I m a total newbie to raspberry and electronics related project.) Hooray!

Next I succeed to connect the emonpi to the Wi-Fi. Local communication btw emonpi and my router is fine as I can access the login page emonpi.local. Yet I can’t figure out why the local service refuse my id/pswd… I had created an account an emoncms.org, is it not the same ? (it feels right it is not, as emonpi probably do not communicate with emoncms.org yet, should I create a new one on the local page?)

Totally unrelated but I have so many questions about raspberry (in general) and its interactions with emonpi (more specifically), is someone out there available for a call within the day (so excited to get this running, sorry!)

Please bare with me and have a good day!

Does emonPi and emonpi2016 get you in?

No, the local and remote (emoncms.org) systems are quite separate.

You need to click on ‘register’ on the local Pi interface, to create your first user.

oh! I tried ‘pi / emonpi2016’, I ll try this right now! thx

I might have been too tired yesterday ahahah! Anyway, thanks for your precious help!

No Bother.

The instructions used to be clearer on this but there is just this small bit so it is hardly surprising you missed it.

On the ‘Log Locally’ page


@TrystanLea - I think this needs more emphasis and a screenshot of the initial screen as there used to be (unless I missed it).

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