Newbie: Advice please on 3 phase solar generation and consumption setups

Thanks in advance for your patience, having searched the forums and looked at the shop I am unsure what I need.

Desired outcome:

  • Monitor Solar Generation
  • Monitor Imported Power
  • Monitor Total Consumption


My 3-phase Generation Meter (L&G E230) is located within 1m of my Import Meter (also a Landis+Gyr but a different model). Both meters have flashing red lights. They also have the ‘two dots’ set in a recessed circle optical connection area (called optical interface on the pdf manual that I found for the E230 Meter).

L1, L2, L3 and N cables are relatively easily accessible to fix CT clamps if needed.

WiFi or Wired Ethernet is readily available next to the meters.

When Solar Generation exceeds consumption the red LED on the import meter is on constantly.

I am fairly capable of simple coding, soldering, wiring etc. but it isn’t my day job.


  1. Should I be using CT clamps or Optical Pulse Counters (or both)?
  2. If optical pulse counters are used, do they go on the optical interface or covering the flashing red Led’s
  3. What would be the necessary kit list for EmonPi/EmonTX/EmonBase to monitor generation, import and consumption?
  4. Would an IoTaWatt be better suited to my requirements? (I would probably used derived rather than explicit reference to get the voltage)
  5. If an IoTaWatt would be better, what would be the necessary kit list (does it come with clamps included (they are in the photos on the shop) or do I order them separately?)
  6. What haven’t I considered that I should be considering?

Many thanks