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New weather widget added to dashboard

A new widget has just been added to the emoncms dashboard which is useful for displaying the perceived temperature;

The Heatindex widget calculates this data from both temperature and humidity feeds as follows;

  • Less than 50°F - as there is no calculations carried out below this temperature, the widget gives the option to display the ‘actual’ current temperature, or --°F.
  • More than 50°F and less than 80°F - the calculation use the formula by R. Steadman.
  • 80°F and over, the calculation formula by Rothfusz L is used.

There is an option to disable the calculations for more than 50°F and less than 80°F, so the widget only begins to calculate when the temperature is at least 80°F (true heatindex).

The same calculations apply in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Many thanks to Aymeric Thibaut for submitting.

To update your dashboard;
Emonpi’s - run the inbuilt update script
Self-Builds - run $git pull from within your emoncms/Modules/dashboard directory