New version of the emoncms apps module

These may help explain the point:

My Solar Divert

My Solar PV

These are “My Solar Divert” vs “My Solar PV”. You can see in the top image that the ‘divert’ (orange) is not added to the ‘use’ (light blue). In the lower image the ‘use’, that includes the divert as it is not divert aware, approximates the solar generation.

With the previous version of the app the ‘divert’ sat on top of the ‘use’, and looked more like the lower image but made up of light blue and orange. You can imagine adding the orange to the light blue in the top image. Any orange that was greater than the yellow means that too much power is being diverted and is therefore using electricity from the grid. So ‘house use’ plus ‘divert’ should not be more than solar generation if the diversion is working correctly. Of course the house use may exceed solar generation, in which case there should be no divert at all.

I’ve edited the image using photoshop to approximate what it looked like before the apps were updated:

Does this make sense?


When did you install the new apps module or last update?

There was a recent change regarding this or a very similar issue, 2 days ago.

Brilliant. Thanks Paul.
I updated about 5 days ago and noted the issue. But the latest update (git pull) fixed the problem.
Thanks for that.

A few more app module improvements:

  • Cost mode is implemented in the new my electric 2 and time of use apps
  • Improvements to responsive design, especially in the time of use app around the totals box
  • Ability to set the My Electric 2 app title and hide the comparison box
  • Option to access app via emoncms/app/view/appname in addition to emoncms/app/view?name=appname thanks to @pb66

We recently installed a monitoring system for our local community hydro in Llanberis, North Wales. As a good demo of the new MyElectric2 app with the app title set to the hydro name and the energy comparison box hidden, here’s the live turbine output:

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