New Thermometer widget added to dashboard

A new widget has just been added to the emoncms dashboard which is useful for displaying temperatures;

Thermometer widget, which optionally displays high and low temperatures (with mouseover)


Many thanks to Aymeric Thibaut for submitting.

To update your dashboard;
Emonpi’s - run the inbuilt update script after after the release of the next dashboard version (currently v1.0.1).
Self-Builds - run $git pull from within your emoncms/Modules/dashboard directory



Nice! :smiley:

Looking forward to it being available!


i have a Problem with the new widget. After placing it to my Dashboard i configure the Parameters and saving. Widgets will no longer load on this Dashboard. I also cant delete this widget from the Dashboard because the saving function will no longer work.
So i deleted this widget manually from the Dashboard with phpmyadmin from the mysql db. So I get it back working.

Im using emoncms on ubuntu 16.04.
Browser is IE 11, deleting Browser Cache and resetting the browser will not work.

What can i do?


What do you see in your browser’s developers tools (F12?) when the error is present, and is there anything showing in your emoncms log?
Have you tried a different browser to fully eliminate any caching problems.


In emoncms log are no Errors.

F12 from Browser i will append screenshots.

SCRIPT438: Das Objekt unterstützt die Eigenschaft oder Methode “appendChild” nicht
Datei: thermometer_render.js, Zeile: 452, Spalte: 7


Thanks, so in English, is that;

“The object does not support the appendChild property or method”

Yes, it seems that is not a Problem from the Thermometer widget, also dial widget uses appendChild, that is also no longer working.

It’s now in the stable release branch. Just run emonPi update via the web interface :slight_smile:

Ive just updated to the ‘origin/emon-pi-develop’ branch, will that overwrite the changes that I’m testing (Crashing)


@back2live I’ve just reverted your post, to again show the screenshot, hope that’s ok.
I’ve asked Aymeric, who has been working on the widgets to take a look, and the screenshot may assist him.
Create thermometer_render.js by thib66 · Pull Request #124 · emoncms/dashboard · GitHub

@back2live there was a bug which only affects IE11 users.
Aymeric has kindly submitted a fix, which after testing will be merged into the repo.
See Tooltips improvements by thib66 · Pull Request #128 · emoncms/dashboard · GitHub

@glyn.hudson or I will update this thread when the fix is in place.


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On will be such a widget?

Do you mean

On the site
Another battery indicator.

Yes, it will appear in eventually, just takes a little time.


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battery indicator?

dumb question for sure but what happens when you have freezing temperatures ?? (not in the house I hope but if you have a sensor outside or in a garage )

Not a dumb question!
Yes, the widget can handle negative temperatures, currently by using the offset.

For example; if you want the range -10 to +20
Set the Max value to 30, and the offset to -10

I’m not sure that this is the most intuitive way to handle negative temperatures however, and I’ve asked Aymeric if he would kindly consider adding a ‘min value’ box in the widget settings, and calculating the offset in code.


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Agree with Paul. Definitely not a dumb question. Below zero temps occur in a large part of the world.
When I lived in northern Montana, I saw winter temps of -20 to -30F on a regular basis…